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Our products are designed for all types of Properties. Whether you’re a homeowner or a store manager, adding an extra layer of security such as a CCTV installation is essential. The video surveillance allows you to have 24/7 footage of your property’s surroundings. If you feel that CCTV installation services are another expense down the drain, you’re absolutely incorrect. Yes, having a CCTV camera might seem like an added expense but they come with many benefits such as:


Round-the-clock Monitoring

Do you always travel out of town? CCTV cameras give you a chance to check on your loved ones even when you are away. Remote viewing and round-the-clock protection are some of the features you can enjoy with CCTV camera services.   Waiting for your child to come home? Checking if your business space is doing well? If you want to keep track of these events real-time, having a CCTV installation service is great for you.


Deterring Crime

Without a doubt, security cameras can act as a deterrent factor for criminals. The mere sight of CCTV cameras instils the presence of the law, stopping anyone from planning a crime on your property. With CCTV cameras, you can stop a crime before it even happens.


Assisting in Law Enforcement

CCTVs bring great advantage not only to you, as a property owner, but also for others as well. Any footage recorded in your CCTV can be useful in solving any disputes that happen in your location.   Whether it’s dealing with employee disagreements, misunderstanding between staff and customers or even illegal activities, by referring to CCTV footage, you’ll know what truly happened and what to do in such circumstances.

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TUYA 2MP WIFI CAMERA <ul> <li>Indoor Camera</li> <li>PTZ</li> <li>ALEXA</li> <li>Google home version</li> </ul>

TUYA 2MP WIFI Outdoor Camera <ul> <li> ALEXA</li> <li>Google home version</li> </ul>

◆ Two-way audio & IR Cut & 3.6mm lens; ◆ Support PIR motion detection; ◆ Night vision distance:20M; ◆ Maximum…

◆ Standard Lens: 3.6mm; ◆ H.264 Real time; ◆ Two-way audio & IR Cut; ◆ Night vision distance: 50M; ◆…

"Tuya Smart 2.0MP WiFi Solar HD Battery Camera ◆ 1/3 CMOS 1080P Sensor; ◆ Standard Lens: 4mm; ◆ Two-way audio…

◆ Camera: Metal material with external antenna; ◆ Camera support wireless cascade; ◆ 1/4 2.0MP HD CMOS Sensor; ◆ Main…

◆ Camera: Metal material with external antenna; ◆ Camera support wireless cascade; ◆ 1/4 2.0MP HD CMOS Sensor; ◆ Main…

◆ 4 wire from the outdoor unit to indoor monitor; ◆ Point to point transfer call to any indoor monitor;◆…

◆ Battery:AAA1.5V*2 ◆ Low-battery detection ◆ Built-in battery ◆ Detect open/close status of the door/window"

◆ 2G GSM freq: 850/900/1800/1900MHz Standard Package: 1XWiFi GSM alarm 1XPIR sensor 2XRemotes 1XDoor Sensor 1XMini siren 1XAdapter Note: Black…

◆ Battery:LR03*2 ◆ Low-battery detection ◆ Built-battery ◆ PIR sensitivity angle:360 degree ceilinginstallation ◆ PIR sensitivity distance:6m ◆ Can detect…

◆ Work Voltage: DC24V ◆ Power: Approx 14W ◆ Tank Capacity: 400ml ◆ LED light: 3PCS ◆Color: Brown;

◆ Work Voltage: DC24V ◆ Power: Approx 14W ◆ Tank Capacity: 400ml ◆ LED light: 3PCS ◆Color: Wood

1-year standby - 3000 reopens - 40 fingerprints - waterproof -IP66 - Bluetooth E

3-month standby - 1000 reopens - 40 fingerprints - waterproof IP66

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<ul> <li>WIFI device</li> <li>Compatible with all appliances</li> <li>Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance</li> <li>Max Power 3000W</li> </ul>

<ul> <li>DIY Smart powerboard with 4 outlets and 4 USBs.</li> <li>Control each power outlet individually.</li> <li>Control from anywhere using the…

<p class="product-title-text" data-spm-anchor-id="a2g0o.detail.1000016.i1.505e58f87bc3jW">Tuya WIFI Touch Sensor Switch Smart Light Wall Panel Switch 220V Smart Life App Work with Alexa Google…

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal Installment

Why Choose Us?

The three most important aspects of complete building maintenance are repairs, security, and cleanliness. Repairs and installation maintain the building’s integrity, keeping your occupants safe from accidents. Installing CCTV cameras keeps security threats such as theft or data exposure at bay. Finally, keeping a building clean is a matter of hygiene – the cleaner a place, the healthier and happier the occupants.

If you choose ESGM, you only need to call one number for complete building maintenance. We make an effort to build a strong relationship with our clients so we can serve their needs better, regardless of which aspect of maintenance they need to be taken care of. We offer only the best service, as that is what you deserve.

Reducing Insurance Premiums

Smart Home and Office products come as an added value. It helps with insurance and electricity bills. While you might think that security cameras only deter crime and protect your property, they also significantly reduce your insurance premiums.

When evaluating your insurance policy, the security of your property is paramount. It becomes the standard on the amount of money you will have to pay. Better security means lower insurance.

Make a great investment for your property by considering a CCTV camera installation services in your property’s site. Embrace a total peace of mind with ESGM smart and efficient solutions.

Ask the experts at ESGM about our CCTV camera and smart product installation services. We can offer you the best CCTV installation package and smart products installation. Call us today at 0432 351 462.